Basic concepts and tasks of Bi2Trade

Bi2Trade is a platform where free sale and exchange of digital currency is carried out based on the respective exchange ratio (quote) forming the Services influenced by demand and supply. Bi2Trade platform type has all elements of the classic exchange trade. Quotes on Bi2Trade depend on purchasing power, which, for the most part, is determined by the economic situation of Bi2Coin asset and other exchangeable digital currencies in the issuing countries. Operations on Bi2Trade are based on the convertibility of currencies being exchanged thereon.

The main objective of Bi2Trade is not to obtain high profits but to mobilize temporarily free currency resources, redistribute them by market methods from one economy sector to others, and to establish a real market exchange rate under the conditions of fair and legitimate trade.

The direct purpose of Bi2Trade is to determine the exchange rate representing the value of diverse currencies, to make instant exchange, to obtain profitability due to changes in the price position.

1 Functions of Bi2Trade
• arrangement of stock trading;
• provision of the place for trading;
• establishment of trade rules, including standards for the currencies sold through Bi2Trade;
• development of standard orders;
• provision of certain guarantees for obligations fulfillment by bidders.
2 Commission of Bi2Trade

The commission on the platform is the payment for the work of an intermediary agent to implement a commercial transaction, deal, is charged as percentage of the transaction amount. In addition, commission is accrued in the course of exchange transactions as a fee for the conversion service being performed on Bi2Trade platform.

3 Internal clearing of Bi2Trade

The system of internal clearing at Bi2Trade platform is implemented by mutual offset based on the payment balance conditions, when the Bi2Trade financial body fulfills the clients' orders for transactions through counter orders of other customers. This operation method allows increasing the speed and reducing the cost of operations, at the same time minimizing the commissions.